If you pay attention to the Bay Area music scene than the name Devine might sound familiar. James Devine (New City, New York) is a folk guitar playing, blues singing musician with a lot of sound behind him. After moving to California from New York in 2013 he created a buzz in the area with the Irish-American rock group, McHugh & Devine. The band toured and released The Movie Blues EP in 2015 and Emerald Hills in 2016. Devine has recently been making noise with his newest project known as Devine & Company.

Devine & Company features Tim Connor (Pine Barron’s, NJ) on drums/vocals and Sam Miller (Redwood City, CA) on bass. The trio’s sound is raw yet familiar. You’ll find Devine center on guitar and lead vocals, Miller to the left running bass, and Connor to the right on drums and backup vocals. The sum of the three equals groove based folk. The trio plays their own material as well as a number of original covers from the likes of Tom Petty, Chris Stapleton, and Mac DeMarco to name few.

You can find Devine & Company touring throughout Northern California. They are currently recording their first album.

Email: music.jamesdevine@gmail.com  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/devineandcompany

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